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Kaitlyn Woolling

Kaitlyn Woolling
San Diego, CA
Indie, Folk
Kaitlyn Woolling, Cris Luna (bass), Jennifer Irvine (cello)
Edward Abby, Theodore Geisel, Lorraine Woolling, Django Reinhardt, Louis Armstrong, Nina Simone


Growing up in a small town in the Mojave Desert, music helped cure my boredom and influence a free spirit from a very young age. Living near the artistic influences of Joshua Tree, I got to play in bands and this region and work on some local projects in my teenage years. I have since moved away to college at UCSD, but I'm still trying to keep the music going. I am studying Environmental Systems and am interested in incorporating the environment and social justice into music. I am 20 years old, and when I turn 21 I will be done with college, and I have some music/bike trips planned out in the coming years. Right now it's about graduating without loans, and I'm living in a living room and working a few part-time jobs in the outdoors, as a wedding singer, and in an office to make it happen. This sacrifice for a future in music is all worth it in my opinion.