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Martha and Gary Alexander (aka "Blind Cider")

Martha and Gary Alexander (aka
Big Canoe, Georgia, USA
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Acoustic, Americana, Powerpop
Martha and Gary Alexander
Beatles, Mamas & Papas, various country artists


…”Just the Facts, Ma’am”...

Gary hails from Atlanta, Ga, and Martha was born and resided in Nashville, TN until 3 years ago, when the two moved back to Atlanta.

Gary started playing guitar and writing music when he was 12. He performed with cover bands and then as a solo act across Georgia and portions of the Southeast for the past “many” years (!) He owned and operated Limited Access Studios in the early to mid-2000s.

Martha was a classical pianist at age 8, winning accolades and awards and a number of piano auditions. She sang in the shower, the car, and church choir until meeting Gary, at which point she began taking voice lessons and performing live. Her clear, cherubic voice will send you soaring and having you state that you “could listen to her all night,” according to one fan at the famed Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, GA.

What We ARE:

Performing singer/songwriters
Way out on the edge of creativity
Against being pigeonholed into a genre
Nerds incognito
Easy to listen to, easy to talk to

What We Are NOT:

Likely to be carrying weapons
John and Yoko on steroids

So, what do you get when you combine a “gravel-y” Southern rocker with a classically-trained soprano? You get a really unique blend of musical texture that defies genre. Gary has been compared to Dylan, Lennon, Springsteen, Skynard and The Allman Brothers and even The Mamas and the Papas, and Martha, to the likes of Allison Krauss, Judy Collins, Emmy Lou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Sara Evans and Mary Travers. Our original music settles somewhere in the middle, having been compared to Little River Band, Seals & Crofts, Lady Antebellum, – but not exactly. Our music has been compared to: Hippie Pop, Power Pop, Posi, Country, Americana, Alt-Folk, Rock, and/or Rockabilly.

Everyone wants to know what kind of music we play, you know, like Charades: “sounds like...”. And while we play all types of covers ranging from Alabama to ZZ Top and pretty much everything in between, the performing singer/songwriter in us calls our original material “heartfelt acoustic.” “Presto change-o, look Ma, we made our own genre!” There is something earthy, gritty and authentic about our music that is very difficult to describe, even after hearing it.

One fan said:

“I'm sitting here at my computer at 10:30 on a Sunday watching a favorite show after a REALLY busy weekend but I can't stop singing ‘Thrive’ in my head - true story. … You bring something unique and beautiful and I was grateful to be there...”

We're working on our CD, on which you’ll hear top studio musicians making cameo appearances (we will not namedrop here)! The currently half-completed record has many different sounds, with no two songs being alike, but all having a very positive message. Speaking of positive messages, we’re up for three Posi Awards and are anxiously awaiting word as to the outcome of that-- very exciting times for the two of us.

We are featured on Unity Radio and EmPower Radio (LIVE365).

Members, ASCAP (Gary since 2000, Martha since 2009).

A Few More Interesting Tidbits

We play well with others, color outside the lines, run with scissors, and dance when no one is watching (but how would we know that??)

We like to camp, travel, write, meditate, garden, grill, walk the dachshund (which takes about 10 minutes), make up silly names for bird calls and further explore Metaphysics and Quantum Physics.

When we are in a hurry to watch paint dry, we buy water-based.


Different venues call for different material – if you’re hiring, we’ve got you covered.

For the Tavern/Pub scene, you'll likely hear covers of Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney, Allison Krauss & Robert Plant mixed in with Emmy Lou Harris, Willie Nelson and peppered with some of our original material, which may include some funny material. Like Tom Waits and Merle Haggard? Yep, we do that too.

For the Coffee House gigs, we tend to play the lower key, softer tunes; you might be more likely to hear older pop covers and more original material with a positive message.

At weddings , we pull out all the stops from eras gone by. For example, singing Frank and Nancy Sinatra's “Something Stupid” always gets a great response from the crowd, and maybe you’ll hear “Come Saturday Morning” or “Dream A Little Dream” plus some older jazz and pop covers of wedding-appropriate music.

For private parties and corporate gigs, we like to cater to the audience, generally finding out the age group or groups, which will determine our set list. And hey, we’re singer/songwriters, so we can even write a song especially for your event, ‘cause we’re good like that!

Churches and Spiritual centers are a favorite as well. We can play the music with a message; no it’s not Praise Music or Gospel, not Contemporary Christian, but rather a unique sound all its own which still fits nicely into our “heartfelt acoustic” category. In addition to the music, we can deliver a message through a one hour talk and three hour mini-seminar or a full day course, all tailor made based on your needs.


We provide a value-added entertainment alternative—there may be crying, laughter, smiles and the spewing forth of various and sundry beverages. Do not be alarmed, Gallagher we aren’t!!

But seriously…
Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of those who cross our path. Music is our drug of choice…we want it to be yours.

Our lyrics are intelligent and the feelings evoked by our songs are varied.