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Randy Ferrell

Randy Ferrell
Panama City Beach, Florida, United States
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R&B, Pop, Rock
Randy Ferrell, Terron, Christopher


Randy Ferrell is a singer songwriter and the son of a Latin musician. He lived for most of his childhood in Miami until he moved to Panama City, FL in his late teens. He spent his teens as a lifeguard on Panama City Beach, and managing gyms during the off season. He also worked closely with local radio stations, writing copy and producing commercials. It was then that he first discovered that he had a real talent for creative writing. He wrote many successful commercial scripts, and voiced them as well.

He was in band and chorus in his school years, played multiple instruments, and thrilled his chorus teacher with his remarkable range and unique falsetto. He began to sing in earnest in his early 20's and has regularly ever since. Over the course of his life, and beginning very early on, he experienced and endured a many very painful, tragic events. His songs pull from this deep well of emotions and experience.

Married at 21, it was his deep love for his wife that inspired, Para Ti Mi Amor. He sang it to his wife at a small gathering with friends on Valentine's Day and had it produced, then sang by a renowned R&B vocalist named, Terron. It is the first single released from his upcoming album titled, A Modern Day Night.

As a husband and father, like so many other men, he has spent his life dedicated to protecting and providing for his family. His career as an executive and entrepreneur has resulted in decades of fighting very difficult battles - many won, many lost, but most, largely unseen. Very late nights, early mornings and weekends, often with little to no rest. Facing and enduring endless challenges, in constant fear of losing the ability to provide food and shelter for those he loved. It is, what good men do, whatever their profession. However, all that they endure, comes at a cost. The unrelenting stress often leads to chronic illnesses, that often unexpectedly, take them from their wives and children. This was the inspiration for his new song, A Modern Day Knight. It is a tribute to all men everywhere, who fight endless battles to keep her safe.

His third song is titled The Warrior in Me and has just been released. It is a romantic ballad around a husbands deep love for his wife and children, the struggle to keep them safe and close, and the bond between he and his wife that makes it all possible.

He is currently working on the remaining songs for the album.