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Robot Raven

Robot Raven
Greenacres, WA, United States
Postal code:
Classic Rock, Blues, Pop Punk
Edmond Bruneau, John Rigg
Beatles, Kinks, Zappa, ELO, Lennon


Robot Ravens Greatest Hits, Part One is a wonderful compilation of Robot Ravens very best original material with styles ranging from beautiful ballads to their renown rockers. Throw in a couple blues tracks and a country bluegrass tune and suddenly you have 18 of the groups most cherished songs. Relationship songs like Meet Me in the Middle, Somethings Got to Give, Dont Shine Me On, Why Dont You Call?, Dont Kill the Messenger and One More Day Forever are honest, poignant portrayals that hit right to the heart elements of what make Robot Raven so fabulous! Some humorous songs cant help but to make you smile such as the all-out jam Goodbye Elvis, Three Bar Blues or the live version of Finger Lickin (available on this collection for the very first time.) But theres a serious side to Robot Raven too. Biting social and political commentary that truly drives its message home on World Class Bullies, DNA and Hoodrat. Then there are the hymns of self-reflection like Who I Gotta Be, Cup Half Full, Kick Back Relax, What Tomorrow Brings, Half a Mind and Living to Dream. Robot Raven doesnt settle down to any genre for long, so their musical library is as diverse and eclectic as any recording group on the planet. No matter what your musical tastes or mood, theres something on this album you will enjoy. So kick back relax, put this hit collection on a really nice stereo system or quality headphones and be entertained to over an hour of Robot Raven magic!