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Daria Stefan

Daria Stefan
bucharest, romania, Romania
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Pop, R&B, Soul


Here we are !!! I am talking about myself ....
Three things have always been important in my life: God, my family and music.
I was born and raised in a family that loves music and I grew up listening and developing attraction for everything related to music, so very soon passion turned into practice.
Thus even from the age of six I started singing in the Miracle Group within the Childrens Club of district 6 Bucharest. That was a time of training and searching in the attempt of revealing the secrets of music. At that time I also performed with the children of the Nostalgia choir, a moment when I discovered the world of television and I irremediably fell in love with this beautiful art that is music.
At the age of nine I decided to start a solo career, participating in a lot of contests, festivals, shows and TV programs, where I got many prizes and awards such as Finalist of Mamaia for Children Festival, Andantino Trophy, Star melody trophy, Simply the Best Trophy, Spring Star Trophy, Liliput Trophy, Martisor Trophy, Bucharest Kids Music Trophy, Allegria Trophy offered by Dan Voiculescu Foundation and so on.
That was a time of training, searching and discovering myself, a time of attempts and hardships that helped me understand this phenomenum (music), cope with different situations and improve. That was the time when I collaborated with TV companies as a solo singer, a challenge that offered me great satisfaction.
Tv shows:
- In Curtea Bunicilor (TVR2) - NEXT STAR (Antena 1) - doua participari consecutive in 2015 si 2016 - Neata cu Razvan si Dani (Antena 1) -Rai da Buni (Antena 1) -Agentul VIP (Antena 1) -Draga mea prietena (Kanal D) -Ghiozdanul cu Surprize (TVH) -After School (Estrada TV) -Estrada Duminicala (Estrada TV) -Profesionisti in devenire (6TV) -Planeta Copiilor (6TV) -Romanica mea (Estrada TV) -Caravana Istetilor (Nasul TV) -Talk Show-Nasul cu Radu Morar (Nasul TV),
-Interviul Agro Tv
In 2014 I started my vocal lessons with one of the most important Romanian teachers and composers Marius Teicu who composed over 500 songs and who strongly influenced my musical development and training.
At present I complete my education in the state system but I also attend the School of Art of Bucharest Third study year- taking singing lessons with Viorela Filip, a wonderful and exquisite teacher that helps me a lot.
In the spring of 2015 I had the chance to participate in the TV show NEXT STAR - Antena 1, where I delighted the audience with the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest winner - Rise Like A Phoenix.
Due to my good vocal performance in 2015 I was chosen to participate again in the 2016 Next Star Show - Antena 1, with the song Say You Love Me from the international repertoire, thus being the only participant with two consecutive performances in the Next Star Show.
The Next Star experience motivated me to follow my dream, made me confident and helped me understand that when you work hard and do not give up nothing is impossible.
In the summer of 2015 I had the privilege to be awarded for my musical activity with the Excellence Prize by the Romanian Community Center of Canada.
For me the most important achievement in 2015 was winning the DRY KIDS (DISNEY CHANNEL-America). I was declared the only Dry Kid in Romania and on that occasion I had a live interview with the Disney Channel Executive Director Irene Dreyer.
Another important musical achievement for me is the successful participation in different international tops such as:
ArtistSignal ( where my best position was 11 out of over 4000 artists from all over the world Reverbnation ( first place national
Global Rockstar ( first place Romania
BEAT100 (
Not to forget that at present my songs are broadcast on many international radio stations such as:

American Veteran Radio (SUA),
MOB Radio (Irlanda),
Riverhead Radio (New United States of America),
Museboat Radio (Las Vegas New York),
Pirate Radio FM (Milano Italia),
Radio Universal (Dortmund Germania),
Radio Wellenflug (Germania).
Phoenix Hospital Radio (Great Britain)
Wigan Fm (Marea Britanie)
Bright Sky Radio ( Tampa Bay Florida-USA)
Fame Music Radio (South Africa)
BelterRadio (UK)
Radio3Net (Romanin Broadcasting Company )
Radio Bucharest FM
In 2016 I started a musical collaboration with some artists from all over the world, my first collaboration being with an artist from Germany Sina Doering with the song Merry Go Round. I also had projects with artists from the USA and Romania.
2016 was the year when I cosidered it was the moment to work on my own songs, to discover my own style and to try as much as possible to become a complete artist.
My first original song Wings for Two was a song full of emotion, about the special people in our life, those people who change us, influence us and transform us, people without whom we could not become better, kinder or evolve.
Shortly after came Chain the World, a song with a social message, a pacifist message, a message for love and understanding in a world injured by wars and conflicts.
I started 2017 confidently with a new original song Fearlessly Here, a collaboration with an American artist, a fresh song, completely different in style.
In May 2017 I was invited to perform in two shows in the USA. One of the shows was for a Gym Academy - Ziggys Academy and had the purpose to sustain the young people performance no matter the chosen field. The other show was dedicated to the American army veterans on occasion of Mothers Day. It was a great honour for me to have the chance to sing the national anthem (Star Spangled) for the American veterans, to be together with them, to share their emotional moments and to tie friendship bonds with these special people.
The summer of 2017 was a real success a new original song - Here 2 Stay, a summer lively song, and the opportunity to promote my original songs on craze TV shows ( Good Morning with Razvan and Dani, The 11 oclock Friends, Antena Stars Morning Show)
As I wanted a change, a new style, but also because I considered the moment had come to attempt new musical styles, original songs, in the autumn of 2017 I starded my music lessons with Lucian Darie whom I had first met at Next Star show. Together with him I try to give a new dimension to my music training.
At present I intensly work on my first album that I hope to release soon, an album that includes songs by composers from all over the world - America, Germany and why not, maybe my first original song, composed by me...
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