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Seattle, Washington, usa
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Dub, Hip Hop, Electro


DJ Force has played for a wide variety of people and touched nearly every style of music . Well established in both the commercial and underground markets, DJ Force is a household name thoughout Washington and Seattle area.
Working exclusivly with the Urban Gorilla DJ's label for over 2 years now.

His unique mixing style goes beyond most genre of music . You'll generally find DJ Force mixing up hotmixes, mash ups, and scratching. Mixing with all the recent hits, showcasing both the newest unreleased promo's, fan favorites and exclusive original remixes all brought together with superior technical presence and crowd control abilities.

His Sunrise sets carry a fame and reputation all their own particularly whenever
he's given this opportunity to shine in this element. From club venues, bars,
upscale lounges, intimate private parties, large colorful outdoor performance
art festivals, he's numerous locations throughout his DJ'ing career.

The sky is the limit for DJ Force, and he's still always looking for new experiences to challenge his abilities and add to his growing repertoire and diverse style.

New crowds and exposure is the staple of his diet, and he hungers to grow and
bring his vibe to your city! Be the first on your block to bring DJ Force to your town and you are assured an enthusiastic and professional performance that people will be talking about for months to come.

DJ Force is a pioneer for the future of new age mixing, an innovator and
revolutionary in a market full of dime-a-dozen talent