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hooyoosay - Video

hooyoosay - The wrong kind of people - EP


Song fragments from the EP "The Wrong Kind Of People" by hooyoosay.

hooyoosay - Googly Goo & Tare Too Te Rut Te


Cheerful, joyful, positive and absolutely feelgood, that's the vibe in hooyoosay's electro-pop infused EP "Googly Goo".
The video combines fragments of the songs "Googly Goo" and "Tare Too Te Rut Te".
"Googly Goo" is a happy kid discovering the wonderful world of the internet.
And "Tare Too Te Rut Te" simply means "we feel fine".

hooyoosay - Come on & The under assistant West Coast promotion man


The video presents 2 fragments from hooyoosay's EP "Come on". The title song is a Modern Retro break-up themed song. "The under assistant West Coast promotion man" has its roots with British Invasion blues bands touring America during the 60's and pokes fun at the emphatic local tour promoter escorting them, the character actually being of all places and eras.

hooyoosay - Don't you lie to me & Yooplaaa!


Can you welcone a little intentional kitsch once in a while?
Well, hooyoosay can, enjoying those carefree moments of comedy, cartoons, crazy movies, computer games, mardi gras and après-ski.
Or, wherever the party is, join in and have some fun ... yooplaaa!

hooyoosay - I can't be satisfied & Down home girl


2 bluesy fragments from the album "In dekay" by hooyoosay