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Armenia - Video

Balance (featuring Kseij Dance Company) - Armenia


Armenia: Balance (featuring Kseij Dance Company)
Choreographer: Alekseij Canepa
Music by Armenia
Album: We Are Still Machines
Text: Right. Left. Upstairs. On the top. Where are you? Where is your heart? Nothing is real here. We went so far. Everything seems to be wrong here. I need a point. Balance. We are still machines. Balance. We are still machines. Balance.
Kseij Dance Company are: Sara Ferrera, Sara Gualtieri, Chiara Ramone, Martina Sgarlata, Sindi Stana, Chiara Traverso, Alice Vancheri.

(P) Armenia
Video released in June 2018
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Impressions - Armenia


Armenia: Impressions
Music by Armenia
Album: We Are Still Machines

Text: Padre nostro che sei nei cieli/sia santificato il Tuo nome/venga il Tuo Regno/sia fatta la Tua volontà/come in cielo così in terra./Dacci oggi il nostro pane quotidiano/E rimetti a noi i nostri debiti/come noi li rimettiamo ai nostri debitori/e non ci indurre in tentazione/ma liberaci dal male/Amen Ricordati dei nostri fratelli, che si sono addormentati nella speranza della resurrezione, di tutti i defunti che si affidano alla tua clemenza: ammettili a godere la luce del tuo volto. Amen, again Amen, again again Amen

(P) Armenia
Video released in May 2018
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We Are The Enemies - Armenia


Armenia: We Are The Enemies
Music by Armenia
Album: We Are Still Machines

Text: And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all who were buying and selling in the temple. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves. We don't want any more false flags, we don't want 9/11, we don't want Sandy Hook, we don't want in Orlando false flag, we don't wanna Obamacare, we don't want trade agreements that are disadvantages, we don't want wars in Iraq, we don't wanna wars in Libya, we don't want wars in Syria, we don't want wars in Afghanistan, we don't want wars in the Sudan, we don't wanna wars in Somalia, we don't want wars in Djibouti or in East Africa. We don't wanna make believe that someone killed Osama Bin Laden, we don't wanna make believe that children were killed at Sandy Hook, we don't wanna believe that all of this nonsense that's been propagated to us over thirty years is in fact a reality. We are the enemies/fuck EU/make war/new order/LAUDATO SI'/nuovo ordine/make war/fuck the devil/make resistance.

(P) Armenia
Video released in April 2018
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live - Echoes - Armenia ::: EXTRACT


March 17, 2018 live - Echoes - Armenia ::: EXTRACT
--- Like A Dervish
--- Impressions (Future Is Now)
--- 3943672
--- Balance

Museo di Sant'Agostino
Deposito Lapideo
piazza di Sarzano 35/R - 16128 Genova
free entry
start h 16:00

Saturday, March 17
ARMENIA - Electronic Live Set and Visual

Armenia brings the new restless studio album, WE ARE STILL MACHINES, preceded by LIKE A DERVISH and published on Bandcamp. "Our true conscience can be, and in fact it's almost always, completely absent from all that we do, think, want and imagine ..." In "ECHOES" by DUPLEX RIDE, Armenia also introduces the very fresh project of collaboration with the professional photographer ELIANA MAFFEI who has edited the visual part of two new tracks and which will be part of a new EP in process: I NEED TO GO UP and OUR MEMORIES. The context will be that of the Museum of Sant'Agostino, surrounded by the ancient artifacts preserved here. Not to be missed.

(P) Armenia
Video released in March 2018
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Engage Me - Armenia


Armenia: Engage Me
Music by Armenia
Album: We Are Still Machines

In "Engage Me" kamancheh is played by Amir Mofrat, Iranian musician from Arak, to whom my biggest and sincere thanks goes. The kamancheh is an Iranian bowed instrument, used also in Azerbaijani, Turkish and Kurdish music and related to the rebab, its historical ancestor and also to the Byzantine lyra, the precursor of the European violin family.

(P) Armenia
Video released in February 2018
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