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Lynn Langtry - Video

Composition by Antonio the cat


Antonio loves the violin. He comes running every time I try to practice and sings along the entire time. I hope you enjoy this little composition of his...good for some fun.

Comments (2)

  1. 10-09-2015
    Lynn Langtry

    Antonio just loves to sing with the violin. I was carrying my case out and from the other room, he heard the violin strings rattle. He came running purring, vocalizing and teeth chattering at the same time..."time to sing?"

  2. 10-09-2015
    Lynn Langtry

    This is just for fun!

Into the Air


INTO THE AIR I wrote this song while camping by the Nechako River. The evening was silent except for the sounds of nature. I took out my music note paper and wrote this song by the light of a candle

Into the Mist


This is a love song that I wrote thinking about my parents and grandparents. I was very fortunate to witness intense long lasting love between each couple. I also saw the parting of one before the other and the choices in life they made, having lost their spouse. I saw how grounded they were and that this love never dies.

Northern Lights Show


These phenomenon I have seen in various locations in the north and during different times in my life. My Pianist, Lynae Muller, was telling me about her experience seeing these in her small northern community and the effect it had on her. This inspired me to write this song and I took a visual story and created a tone poem. Some of the lyrics may intrigue you and I would very much enjoy your thoughts about what this song may mean to you.